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Christian Adventure Camps

Christian Outdoor Summer Camp Directory by Kids In Creation

Kids in Creation is devoted to helping youth encounter nature in intimate ways through outdoor adventures so that they might come to see: "God's invisible qualities -- his eternal power and divine nature."

To help church youth pastors and families connect with camps and organizations that can help them get their youth out into God's creation, Kids in Creation provides the following list of Christian camps in the United States and around the world. The list is composed of Christian camps that have a primary or majority focus in taking kids on adventures into the wild outdoors of God's creation. Some of these camps might have more traditional summer camp offerings in addition to their adventure camp offerings, when possible we have linked directly to their adventure program.

Featured Camp:
Rock-N-Water - Realizing God through adventures in His Creation
 Description: Rock-N-Water is a Christian adventure camp in California for church youth groups, individuals, families, and Christian summer camps. Helping youth grow closer to God and each other through fun and challenging outdoor adventures like whitewater rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, and hiking.
 Location: Coloma, California - About 1 hour east of Sacramento

We don't know everything so please suggest a camp for consideration if you know of a camp that you feel meets this description:

  • The camp's primary goal is to share the word of Jesus Christ to Christians and Non-Believers
  • They use outdoor adventures as a primary method of helping individuals to experience God. Adventures constitute a majority focus of their programming.
  • Examples of such adventures may include (but are not limited to) White Water River Rafting, Rock Climbing (on real rocks), Backpacking, Wilderness Trips, Kayaking Trips, Spelunking, Mountaineering, Canyoneering...

We would love to personally visit each and every camp; unfortunately we are unable to do so. Our inclusion of camps is therefore partially based on outside recommendations and research. If you feel that a camp has been listed in error please tell Kids In Creation.


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